Today, I’m here with some good gardening tips to follow if you are a beginner and/or a teenage gardener. I am not an experienced gardener yet, but these are very important tips to grow up your garden perfectly. On the other hand, it is pleasant to see your garden grow day by day. So achieving this wonderful moment, you just need to follow these tips.

1. Weed Control

Weed control is important. For a good garden, you must keep the weeds out, or you will have very little to no produce. When the weeds have control, water can’t get to the plants, and the poor plants cannot get enough sun. In the end, the weeds take over even the roots of the plants and seedlings. As you can see, if you do a little hoeing every day, the weeds are under your control. If you do not, a week will pass by and there have you a hundred good-sized weeds. This can be extremely discouraging because I have been utterly discouraged as well. But this is the most important garden tips because without weed controlling you can’t make a good garden.

2. Animal/Pest Control

Animal and pest control is very important. It gets so frustrating when you prepare the ground, turn it, hoe it, even it out, plant, water, and hoe the weeds every day, and one day, as soon as it is edible, it is gone. Because of this many beginners give up gardening. It doesn’t matter how high you build the fence- the deer jump over it. But as a gardener, I strongly recommend the square foot gardening method. Because of this method, I have had a hundred times fewer weeds, and NO pests and deer eating. Why? I bought a net that fits perfectly over the 3×6 bed. To protect from critters Otherwise, my little garden would be a salad bar for them. This is the most important gardening tip, otherwise, you will become totally discouraged and give up like I am once. Fortunately, I found square foot gardening.

3. Only 2 seasons?

In addition most gardeners have a myth that they can only garden two seasons of the year–spring and summer. This is a myth. Using some new methods and technologies, you can garden most of the fall and some winter. If you can make a greenhouse no matter, you can garden all year round. With the new square foot gardening method, I can now put a cold cover over the garden and last many touches of frost and have many fresh veggies throughout the fall. With an herb garden, I can put a simple little herb garden in a plastic bucket and put it in and out for a long time. Thus, you see this third of the gardening tips proves that the myth of two seasons is totally untrue.

4. Traditional Gardening?

However traditional gardening has been in use for a very long time. Personally, I think it is extremely inefficient, much more work, and much less percentage of seeds to harvest. Just think about it. Think, someone, plants a thousand lettuce seeds in one row of their traditional garden. They end up thinning them out to make some space. So many good seeds wasted. And then, when they are finally ready for the harvest who comes? Deer and rabbits come and eat everything in sight. However, there is a solution to the poor planning of traditional methods. That solution is Square Foot Gardening. So if you are aiming to be a successful gardener, you must take action with these great gardening tips, and soon gardening will be very fun!

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