All you need to know about Urban Gardening [Pros and Cons Explained]

Urban gardening

Urban Gardening is growing vegetables, fruits, and other food items in urban environments. Considering the era that we are living in, growing our own food can be an excellent solution for various reasons, be it personal or business use. Not all people have the blessing of a green thumb, and even for those who have […]

Best Tips To Grow Orchids For Beginners

Best Tips To Grow Orchids -

Orchids are one of the most beautiful and expensive flowers in the world. There are so many verities in the orchid family. But very few verities are popular among the orchids lover. Here are the best tips to grow orchids. Most people afraid to grow orchids because of some misunderstanding about the orchid plant. Taking […]

Top Tips For Growing Passion Fruits

In this article, we give you Top Tips For Growing Passion Fruits. Passion fruits are easy growing plants that can include every home garden. Besides, it is rich in lots of vitamins and minerals. But many gardeners face some common problems when it comes to growing passion fruits. So here are the Top Tips For […]

How To Make Natural Pesticide At Home


To make natural pesticides at home, you must know about the plants that contain pesticide properties. Here are some plants used as natural pesticides. Plants with natural pesticides properties Pest Control (or deterrent) method or approach Whiteflies Neem oil, ginger, garlic, combination spray, early detection, try blasting plants with water or using a strong vacuum. […]

Lettuce Gardening Tips

Gardeners can select from many types of lettuces that are easy to grow, highly productive in a small space, and virtually disease and pest free. Lettuce is one of the more “care-free” crops. There are a few key principles though that should always be kept in mind. What Need for Lettuce Gardening? For good lettuce […]

Fall Gardening Tips That Make Home More Enjoyable


Take time to get pleasure from the autumn sunshine and warmth to implement Fall gardening tips that create home more pleasurable. Many individuals only see fall gardening as a time to tuck away the garden and wait until springtime to enjoy the garden’s harvest and activities again. Home gardeners can follow savvy Fall garden tips […]

Organic Pest Management Solutions


Organic pest management solutions are the key to managing pests in the organic garden. In addition, it lies in encouraging the natural balance of pests and beneficial insects. In this way, the natural predators of the pests will be around to keep the population in check. Also, a good mixture of plant species on the […]

Best Ways Of Controlling Weeds.


Controlling weeds is one of the important tasks in gardening. Surveys conducted in the USA have shown that weed management is the most difficult task for organic growers. Dealing with weeds on the typical small farm where “kill and cure” chemical herbicides are used can still be a real challenge, especially in the wet season. […]

How To Build Raised Garden Bed

Raised garden beds are an attractive and useful addition to a garden and give many practical advantages for all gardeners. However, as with any permanent garden feature, it’s worth considering a few key points when deciding whether or not raised beds are for you. Many gardeners raised beds for their ease and effectiveness. In raised […]

How To Water Plants Correctly


How to water plants correctly?. Is this a matter? Yes!. As a gardener, you must know about this. According to the plant type, their water usage is so different. Therefore, watering a drip irrigation system should be used. Then the water is used efficiently and with careful direction. Also, the drip lines place the water […]