Best Tips To Grow Orchids For Beginners

Best Tips To Grow Orchids -

Orchids are one of the most beautiful and expensive flowers in the world. There are so many verities in the orchid family. But very few verities are popular among the orchids lover. Here are the best tips to grow orchids. Most people afraid to grow orchids because of some misunderstanding about the orchid plant. Taking […]

Best Ways Of Controlling Weeds.


Controlling weeds is one of the important tasks in gardening. Surveys conducted in the USA have shown that weed management is the most difficult task for organic growers. Dealing with weeds on the typical small farm where “kill and cure” chemical herbicides are used can still be a real challenge, especially in the wet season. […]

Fertilizing Techniques

How to Apply Granular Fertilizers “Fertilizing techniques”, are the most important part you must know!! Apply granular fertilizer by broadcasting it either by hand or with a spreader. Using a hoe, spade fork, or rake work it into the top 4 to 6 inches of soil. Besides, you can also add little amounts to planting […]

How To Apply Organic Fertilizer And Why They Need.


What do plants need? Organic Fertilizer is best for both plants and humans as well. Identically Plants need nitrogen, potassium, and phosphate in large amounts. Also, these nutrients, to a plant, are comparable to what protein and carbohydrate food sources would be to a human. In addition, sulfur, magnesium, and calcium are used in “not […]